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October 8, 2020

DO YOU HAVE THE DREAM TEAM? Customer Service Week 2020

This year’s customer service week happens to find many institutions at a very interesting time in history, the COVID 19 worldwide pandemic. A time where most if not all institutions are working to ensure that their businesses survive the year 2020. The CS Week 2020 theme is ‘DREAM TEAM’’ and as we’ve translated it here at Presta, TEAMWORK is essential to meet all your customers’ needs.

If there is ever a season when the element of teamwork has been tested it must be during the CoronaVirus pandemic. With most companies enforcing work from home system as recommended by the Ministry of health, colleagues have had to heavily rely on one another in a virtual manner to make things happen. This goes to explain why the usage of video conferencing has skyrocketed during the COVID 19  period. Weekly team meetings, brainstorm sessions, work training & even first-time client meetings have all been going on remotely despite the workplace being closed. TEAMWORK has allowed work to continue for many organisations over the last 5 months.

The chore business for many in the service industry has been to meet client expectations despite offices being closed. Just like the medics battling the deadly virus, customer service teams have been on the frontline communicating with clients & offering a helping hand when called upon. Most companies have really become creative & have gone over & beyond to satisfy their clients’ needs & demands.  Being in the area of Fintech has really allowed brands like PRESTA to come out & prove to their clients just how important it is to enable your lending business virtually. 

Some of the clients that they have onboarded have really appreciated how seamless & simple their lending processes have become once the technology was incorporated. The Presta mobile application for example enables Saccos, MFIs & Investment groups to generate more revenue & connect with their customers digitally. That simply means business as usual for institutions that have adopted the money lending platform. The role of Customer service now comes in to ensure that the transition from the traditional way to the tech-enabled way becomes seamless & simple for its users.

Has business been running well within your Organisation thanks to your customer service team? Take some time to recognise & appreciate them particularly for being a great pillar during the pandemic period. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in encouraging your team to keep going. 

Happy Customer Service Week 2020!

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