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July 6, 2020

Why your business should capitalize on digital lending

Following the economic downturn, Enterprises are moving online and the industry is and has been changing. As customers are getting used to new online commercial enterprise norms, demand has started to rise, and we’re now starting to see this identical shift within the virtual lending space.

People who haven’t been keeping up with lending generation may additionally still associate virtual lending with cumbersome integration, unintuitive flows, steep getting to know curves for the body of workers, and rigid credit appraisal.

However, today, this is no longer the case. Deploying a completely functional, secure, and low-cost automation solution can permit lending corporations to convert extra customers, department out into new audiences, and diversify profits.

Advances in fintech have created a big window of possibility for those wanting to enter the digital lending niche. Furthermore, a business proprietor can now provide lending products and services to customers in instalments without concerning middleman in both financial institution or Sacco. After all, why share the income when you can hold them.

Everything from software processing, borrower evaluation, underwriting, servicing, collection, and reporting can now be fully automated. Modern e-lending fintech solutions use wise AI-driven models to assist all businesses to offer low priced and worthwhile financing to their customers.

Digital lending challenges and opportunities for lenders

Even for millennial enterprise owners, one of the demanding situations when undergoing digitization is a preconceived bias that it has to be hard. But the truth is that the popular understanding of the way digital lending works has not caught up with the current state of most fintech companies.

With today’s generation and cross-integration capabilities, the digitization process, as well as launching a brand-new lending operation from scratch, is neither extremely expensive nor complex. Most importantly, within the virtual age, lending as an industry isn’t monopolized by large-scale traditional economic institutions. Anyone can provide credit score merchandise now.

In lending, just in addition to in e-commerce, fintech acts as the notable equalizer that provides all people with the same approach of production. So the success isn’t determined by using the initial employer portfolio size. Rather, with the aid of the agility, readiness to adapt to the wishes of the client, and the accuracy of the credit score decisions. All of this is executed through the era, now not great staff those days.

Both traditional and alternative creditors, as well as startups, retailers, and carrier providers, can use lending automation to quickly adapt and capitalize on the precise challenges and opportunities that arise inside the marketplace. However, only the lenders who embrace intelligent lending digitization will come out on top.

Why your business should capitalize on digital lending

Just to give you a better idea of the tangible and intangible return you can get on digital lending, the biggest benefits you can receive include the following and much more:

Reduced credit risk

The combination of traditional and alternative borrower evaluation approaches used in modern digital lending solutions allows for an unmatched risk assessment accuracy and speed.

Improved operational efficiency

Automation should solve problems, not create them. Digitizing lending the right way, you will notice that your business’ operational efficiency starts to improve exponentially.

Reduced human error

Lending automation technology is sophisticated enough to put most of the crediting work on autopilot. By automating recurring tasks and analyses, you leave very little room for human error.

Increased customer LTV

An intuitive interface and streamlined business show your clients that you’re a reliable business owner who puts borrowers’ needs first. User-friendly, fast, and accurate lending automation isn’t a matter of science fiction anymore.

Increased speed of origination and servicing

With a modern lending automation platform, a loan can be originated, approved by an underwriter, and disbursed in under two minutes.

Advanced tracking and reporting

Internet and all-consuming digitization only make sense if you utilize the data your business collects. Get lending automation software that allows for granular analysis, action tracking, and reporting.

Easily set up remote work processes

As the business world goes remote, lenders can’t but abide by this trend. Luckily, it’s more than possible with today’s technology. So as a business owner, you’d have separate workspaces for different employee types and instant tracking of all the actions taken by borrowers and staff within your lending portal.

Fast time-to-market

Given that you’ve made the right lending automation software choice, the fully functional end-to-end lending automation solution can be launched in a matter of days with the Presta Platform.


Automation isn’t going to stop due to economic crises. If anything, it’s going to become more important and faster to implement. This enables your business to enter areas that weren’t accessible before.

Is a win-win situation where borrowers get fair rates, quick approval, and stress-free user experience, and lenders can return and multiply their technology investments.

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