Suitable for Microfinance & Saccos.


Simplified Mobile Lending solutions for your Lending Business.

Paperless Transaction

  • Automated loaning processes
  • Manage Accounts from Anywhere

Increased Visibility.

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced appraisals & KYC

Scale-up your Business.

  • New revenue Channels.
  • Increased Revenue Streams.

Featured Testimonials

Swipe Capital Ltd.

We found out that presta is user-friendly for both the lender and the borrower

– Peninah Wahu

Chama Chap Chap

The most outstanding thing about Presta is that it is reliable and first.

– Cathrine Mainye

BrightLight Investments

Efficiency, the ease of use of the system and reliability is how I would describe Presta.

– Charles Kigen






Loans Disbursed


Who can use Presta?

Presta Lending platform can be used by Lenders both in the formal and informal sectors. These include/ Table Banking, Individual Lenders, Self Help Groups, Credit Only Organizations, Micro Finance.

How are rates determined?

Presta is a Lender’s toolkit that allows lenders to determine:

  1. Who to lend to and their borrowing limit.
  2. What loans to offer, in that, multiple options exist which include 7-day loans, 14-day loans, 21-day loans, 1-month loans etc
  3. What kind of rates to charge for each loan type.
  4. What percentages to charge on penalties for late repayment. Theses options include recurrent daily penalties, One time prorated, or fixed penalties and as well as rolling over loans.
Can I use my own paybill?

Presta Lending Platform was built to help lenders to securely and easily operationalize their Paybills. Therefore, lenders are expected to acquire and set up their Paybills on their Presta accounts, after which they can begin lending. Moreover, Presta also provides a shared Paybill owned by WORKPOINT Limited for small lenders who may not be able or willing to acquire their own tills. Hence, Lender money on this Paybill sits in a trust account at a duly registered bank. Presta only holds the digital transaction records for each of these lenders.

Who determines the customers to give loans to?

Firstly, Presta is an invite-only service that lets Lenders invite their own preferred and pre-appraised customers. Secondly, these customers receive SMS alerts informing them that they’ve been invited to use the lenders’ service. Thirdly, and most importantlyIt’s only after accepting the invitation through the Presta USSD App that the customer begins to transact with the Lender.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

There is no setup fee on Presta.

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